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General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme legislative organization, and consists of 270 representatives from member denominations and organizations and is held annually in November. In every other year, it is held in conjunction with the ecumenical mission convention.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is mandated to implement the important agendas decided in the General Assembly. The Committee is made up of around 90 members including staff and has at least four regular meetings every year.


Program Committees

14 committees made up of about 30 members each take charge of the execution of resolutions decided during General Assembly.

   •  Constitution Committee:
   •  Finance Committee:
   •  Theology Committee:
   •  Christian Unity Committee:
   •  Interreligious Dialogue Committee:
   •  Reconciliation and Reunification Committee:
   •  Justice and Peace Committee:
   •  Life and Culture Committee:
   •  Women’s Committee:
   •  Communications Committee:
   •  Education Committee:
   •  International Relations Committee:
   •  Christian Social Service Committee:
   •  Youth Committee:


Executive Office

The office executes the business matters committed by the General Assembly, Executive Committee and Program committees.



To get in touch with NCCK, contact our international office via email:



Members and Partners

Member Churches:

   •  Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK)
   •  Korean Methodist Church (KMC)
   •  Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)
   •  Salvation Army Korea Territory
   •  Anglican Church of Korea
   •  Korea Evangelical Church
   •  Orthodox Church of Korea
   •  Korea Assemblies of God (Seodaemun)
   •  Lutheran Church in Korea


Member Organizations

   •  Christian Broadcasting System (CBS)
   •  Christian Literature Society of Korea (CLS)
   •  Korea Student Christian Federation (KSCF)
   •  National Council of the Young Men’s Christian Associations of Korea (YMCA)
   •  Young Women’s Christian Association of Korea (YWCA)


Global Partners

   •  World Council of Churches
   •  Christian Conference of Asia
   •  World Student Christian Federation
   •  Ecumenical Forum for Peaceful Reunification and Development Cooperation on the
      Korean Peninsula (EFK)